Occupational retirement provision for everyone with big plans.

Occupational retirement provision for everyone with big plans.


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Co-determination of the occupational retirement provision: About the work of the Foundation Council

In addition to the problems that the field of occupational retirement provisions is confronted with, reforms have also stalled. Therefore, pension funds need to assume responsibility in order to secure pensions on a long-term basis. The Foundation Council is the top executive body that takes care of this duty.
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Paving the way for the future

Building a company is one thing. Arranging the succession is another. Both require sufficient time and good partners. An insurer can provide valuable support in this phase.

Online employee pension plan

for employers

  • Manage your employees' contracts and pension data
  • Plan your liquidity on a basis of a daily updated balance
  • Calculate comfortably the contribution for new employees online


Pension planning solutions

Vita Classic

For companies that assume responsibility, and all those who consider flexible and needs-based retirement provision important.

Vita Invest

For companies that rely on their own strengths. And for all those who want to remain financially secure after retirement.

Vita Select

For companies that wish to allow their senior staff to determine their investment strategy themselves

Vita Plus

For companies that would like to better insure senior staff.

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