What is employee orientation?

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What is employee orientation?

At an employee orientation meeting, one of our retirement provision experts will come by in person to inform your employees about the basics of social security. The focus will be on the occupational pension plan that you as an employer have chosen.

Our experts provide information on pensions in old age and in the event of disability, as well as the benefits to which dependents are entitled in the event of death. They will also deal with options such as early withdrawals and pension fund purchases, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of personal retirement provision (pillar 3a/3b).

All questions will be answered during the employee orientation meeting. We will also be happy to provide your employees with personal advice on their individual retirement provision situation.

Employee orientation meetings are provided free of charge and can be conducted online if desired.


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Our pension experts will inform your employees about your chosen Vita solution. The free staff orientation gives your employees the chance to find out more about the pension planning solution and ask questions.