Vita Plus

Vita Plus Additional Insurance

For companies that would like to fully insure their cadre

Vita Plus is intended to supplement mandatory pension provision and is suitable for companies of all sectors. The product offers additional risk benefits (additional lump-sum death benefit or disability benefit) and additional savings options for senior staff. 

Why Vita Plus?

  • Attractive supplementary provision for companies of all sizes 
  • Total interest in the full insurance model 2023: 1.00% (set annually) 
  • Pure risk insurance possible at favorable collective tariff
  • Digital tool for the administration of employee benefits
  • Own decision-making body for senior staff’s pension provision
  • ISAE 3402 Type II certification for customer service

How it works

Vita Plus is comprehensive insurance that also covers the retirement savings capital in addition to the benefits paid in the event of disability and death. In the case of Vita Plus, all benefits are ensured by Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd. Vita Plus offers the possibility of insuring both the savings and risk benefits together or just the risk benefits. The additional risk benefits not only supplement the basic provision but allow the insurance of a certain group of persons at a more favorable collective tariff. By separating the pension provision for senior staff from the mandatory pension provision, companies can provide a tailor-made pension provision for individual groups of persons. 

The company can decide whether it wishes to use the pension provision for senior staff as an additional incentive for its employees or whether it would like to offer better insurance for its senior staff. With a separate administration committee and affiliation contract in the pension provision for senior staff, the company has the choice.

Insurable benefits

Vita Plus offers a broad range of choice. The companies can choose whether they would like to have additional retirement savings capital in addition to risk coverage. The pure risk plans (plans without a savings contribution) make it possible for companies to close gaps in the insurance of their senior staff or to offer additional risk benefits to a selected group of persons. In combination with additional savings benefits it is also possible to close gaps in old age. Companies naturally benefit from the tax advantages of the occupational retirement provision.

Investment strategy


The assets are invested by Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd as part of a collective life insurance agreement. This contract stipulates that Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd is to ensure all benefits set out in the regulations. In addition to the risks of disability and death, this also includes capital market risks.

Zurich pursues a conservative investment strategy with a relatively high proportion of government and corporate bonds.

Investment strategy

Interest earned

Interest is earned on the savings capital in accordance with the collective life insurance tariff, and the interest rate is reviewed each year. In addition to fixed interest, the insured can also benefit from surplus generated by the savings capital. Zurich also distributes additional surpluses if the disability and death premiums have been calculated too conservatively – i.e. if fewer claims have been made than assumed.

Interest earned and surplus

Annual key figures, composition of the foundation board and information on other institution can be found here.

Protect your savings

Fair pension planning solutions ensure that you and your employees receive as much of your savings as possible. Talk to the Vita pension team to find out how our solutions meet this requirement.

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Annual key figures, composition of the foundation board and information on other institution can be found here.