Your pension certificate simply explained

Pension certificate

Your pension certificate – explained simply

Your pension certificate contains all the relevant information about your occupational retirement provision. It shows you what benefits you and your family are expected to receive on retirement, in case of disability and in the event of death. It also provides information on whether you have purchasing potential and how high this is.

The pension certificate is full of technical terms. Here we provide a guide explaining key terms and comprehensive information available for download.

Your pension certificate – explained simply

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Purchase in the pension fund

You can make up missing BVG contribution years through voluntary purchases in the pension fund. This way, you can improve your retirement pension and reduce your tax burden at the same time.

This is how you proceed as an employer

You can order a pension certificate for your employees from our Help Point BVG at any time by calling 0800 80 80 80.

Please note

We send the pension certificate either straight to the employee's private address – if we have it – or to the employer's address in a sealed envelope. In the latter case, you are asked to pass on the unopened envelope to your employee. We aim to record all private addresses of our roughly 150,000 insured individuals and to adjust our systems so that all pension certificates are sent straight to the private addresses of the insured.

This is how you proceed as an employee

You want a new pension certificate or have questions about your pension certificate? Our Help Point BVG will be happy to help you on 0800 80 80 80.

Please note 

The benefits depend on the pension planning solution that your employer has chosen (e.g. Vita Classic). You can find further information on the benefits from your pension planning solution in the pension regulation for your pension planning solution or your employer's specific pension plan. You can request the pension plan from your employer.

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