Occupational retirement provision with Vita

Three pillars for retirement planning

Occupational retirement provision with Vita

Make secure provision - with a flexible retirement solution that matches your company.

Vita Collective Foundations and Zurich Insurance: together we make the difference

Vita offers occupational pension plans for companies of all sizes. The Vita Collective Foundations and Zurich Insurance jointly cover all concerns regarding occupational retirement provision. More than 25,000 companies with around 200,000 employees trust in our retirement solutions.

What kind of retirement solution are you looking for? Would you like to provide additional pension cover for your management employees with a management solution? What is your risk capacity like? Decide on an investment strategy.

Why Vita?

Together, the Vita Collective Foundations and Zurich Insurance take care of all concerns related to your occupational retirement provision. Thanks to the bundled expertise from the investment business, risk insurance and retirement provision, we offer efficient solutions that are geared flexibly to the needs of your company. We align our range of services with changing retirement provision needs, lifestyles and the requirements of your customers. We take "environment, social and governance" sustainability criteria into account in our investments. We do our utmost to ensure that you can rely on reliable retirement provision and look to the future without any cares.

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Knowledge related to occupational retirement provision is valuable to you and your employees. We would be glad to support you. Our experts will visit you and provide information on everything worth knowing about social security.

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We will show you which pension coverage competitors of a comparable size offer their employees using an industry sector comparison.

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