Vita Invest Collective Foundation

Vita Invest Collective Foundation at a glance

Key data in brief

The Vita Invest Collective Foundation was established in 1998 as a partially autonomous foundation. Vita Invest is ideally suited to medium-sized and large companies that would like to co-determine the structuring of their occupational pension provision as well as the investment of their pension assets. By joining Vita Invest, you benefit from your own pension fund, managed by an administration committee comprised of an equal number of employer and employee representatives, and at the same time outsource risks and execution tasks. The pension fund administration committee defines not only the investment strategy, but also decides the financing of the pension fund, risk protection, use of unrestricted assets and the interest earned on retirement assets.

Vita Invest in brief

Assets in CHF million
Average coverage ratio across all pension plans
Average interest rate across all pension plans

Annual key indicators

Key indicators as of Dec. 31
2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Number of affiliated employers
32 24 18 54 59
Number of active members
2,006 1,795 1,770 4,226 7,171
Number of pensioners 25 15 4 0 0
Pension capital of active insured in CHF million
351.5 333.3 300.3 636.3 762.4
Pension capital pensioners 14.7 7.6 2.0 0.0 0.0
Underwriting reserves in CHF million
Reported at pension fund level
Value fluctuation reserve – actual status in CHF million
Coverage ratio

Foundation Board

Employers’ representatives

Bernhard Aerni
Vice President
Matthias A. Pfammatter

Employee representatives

Markus Wenger
Gregory Hung

Secretary of the Foundation Board

Barnabas Yves Schafroth

Pension actuary

cmp egliada s.a., Zürich

Audit department

Ernst & Young AG, Zurich

Supervisory body

BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht des Kantons Zürich (BVS)

Executive Management

The Executive Management manages the operative business of The Vita Invest Collective Foundation and is responsible for the execution of the Foundation Board’s resolutions and the tasks entrusted to it.

Manuel Gerhard (Managing Director)