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Vita Select Supplementary Insurance (1e)

For companies that wish to allow their senior staff to determine their in-vestment strategy themselves

With the 1e retirement provision strategies from Vita Select, companies can offer their employ-ees more freedom in structuring their pension provision and, at the same time, benefit from attractive advantages themselves.

Why Vita Select for companies:

  • Increase employer attractiveness: Your senior staff receive modern supplementary retirement provision, which positions your company as a progressive employer.
  • Balance sheet benefits with international standards: Your company can reduce pension fund liabilities in the balance sheet.
  • Less administration: Vita Select takes care of your management retirement provision. Thanks to the Vita Company Portal, collaboration and the administration of your supplementary retirement provision is even easier and more efficient.

Why Vita Select for insured persons:

  • More self-determination: From the insured's point of view, 1e retirement provision strategies are a response to the increasing desire for the individualization of pension provision. The insured can structure their investments flexibly.
  • Individual asset investment: With Vita Select, there is no redistribution between working people and retired persons that is contrary to the system. The 1e assets are not part of the collective mandatory coverage and super-mandatory part, but are invested in a personal investment strategy.
  • Digital and online: Via the Vita Insurance Portal, the insured can choose their own investment strategy according to their individual preferences, and check their pension data.

How it works

The 1e solutions are aimed at entrepreneurs and their senior staff with an income of over CHF 132,300. The 1e retirement provision assets are completely separate from the existing pension fund assets and only include a super-mandatory portion of the occupational retirement provision.

Each insured person chooses their own investment strategy and saves individually. The strategy can be selected and changed directly on the Vita Insurance Portal. The retrieval of individual pension documents and the simulation of different scenarios offer the opportunity to maintain a clear overview of one's individual investment strategy at all times.

Insurable benefits

Companies wishing to make use of the 1e plans must insure the corresponding salary components in a separate legal entity. As a result, a second foundation is created in addition to the first foundation for mandatory coverage and super-mandatory salary portions up to the 1e salary limit. This covers the extra-mandatory occupational pension plans for salaries above the limit.

If a company offers 1e retirement provision strategies, all employees who meet the criteria defined in the BVG must insure these salary components as part of the 1e retirement provision solution. The employer can also set the threshold for the 1e solution higher than CHF 132,300.

Investment strategies

Depending on the company's retirement provision strategy, insured persons can choose from nine investment strategies. One of the strategies offered is always risk averse. The investment strategy can be changed on a weekly basis if necessary.

The insured persons influence the development of their retirement provision assets by taking the choice of strategy into their own hands.

Flexibility: It is very important that every insured person seeks advice when choosing an investment strategy and regularly reviews their portfolio. The decision as to whether someone chooses a risk-averse investment strategy or an investment strategy with more risk must be coordinated with the person's overall situation. It may therefore be a good idea to switch to a risk-averse investment strategy before retirement. With Vita Select, insured persons can change their investment strategy on a regular basis.

Investment strategies: The following investment strategies have been compiled by the investment experts of Zurich Invest Ltd based on the different needs of the insured. The insured can consider the different investment strategies and choose the one that fits their needs perfectly.


Investment strategy Zurich Investment Foundation Security Investment strategies (incl. bandwidths)
Investment style Equities Bonds Real estate, mortgages Alternative investments
Money market 000.722.858 Active 0% 100% 0% 0%
Defensive 002.844.745 Active 10% - 25% 35% - 70% 0% - 30% 0% - 15%
Balanced 002.844.737 Active 15% - 40% 30% - 60% 0% - 30% 0% - 15%
Progressive 002.844.727 Active 25% - 50% 20% - 50% 0% - 30% 0% - 15%
Dynamic 050.270.077 Active 40% - 60% 5% - 30% 0% - 30% 0% - 20%
Mix 20 051.249.460 Active/Passive 10% - 30% 30% - 50% 0% - 25% 0% - 15%
Mix 45 051.249.461 Active/Passive 30% - 55% 15% - 35% 0% - 25% 0% - 15%
Mix 65 051.249.462 Active/Passive 40% - 75% 0% - 20% 0% - 25% 0% - 15%
Mix 98 130.097.948 Passive 85% - 100% 0% - 10% 0% - 5% 0% - 5%

Sustainable investment approach Zurich Investment Foundation and Zurich Invest Ltd

We follow a sustainable investment philosophy and promote sustainable investments; our responsible investment process is based on the 3-pillar approach. This approach includes "ESG integration," "impact investing" and "joint progress."


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