Vita Select

Vita Select

For companies that wish to allow their senior staff to determine their investment strategy

Vita Select offers many different options to insured employees with annual salaries starting at CHF 129,060. They decide how much to save and what investment strategy to use in order to tailor the pension solution to their unique life circumstances. Employers who choose Vita Select for senior management pensions can offer an advanced pension planning solution without having to constantly adapt it to their employees' needs.


  • Gives employees a choice of investment strategy
  • Possible for employees to select their savings contributions
  • Top performance in investment groups
  • Lump-sum premium rate allows easy administration

Available investment strategies

Vita Select gives employees the freedom to determine their own investment strategy. They can choose from predefined investment strategies. The following investment strategies were compiled by the investment experts of Zurich Invest Ltd's based on the various needs of the insured persons. Thanks to our "Best in Class" asset managers, investment returns are first-class and risks are widely diversified.

Defensive profile

security 002.844.745

Balanced profile

security 002.844.737

Progressive profile

security 002.844.727

Dynamic profile

security 050.270.077

Mix 20

security 051.249.460

Mix 45

security 051.249.461

Mix 65

security 051.249.462

Money market

security 000.722.858

Current performance

Information on the current performance of the individual investment strategies can be found here.

Besides, you have the option to keep up to date with the subscription service for performance factsheets and reports from the Zurich Invest AG. Find out more here.

Further information about the Vita Select Collective Foundation

Annual key figures, composition of the foundation board and information on other institution can be found here.



for the insured

The myVitaSelect portal for the insured offers you the opportunity to manage your retirement provision directly online.

  • Access and change your personal information
  • Download your personal retirement provision certificate and submit various documents
  • Gain an insight into the development of your investment assets and adapt your investment strategy yourself
  • Simulate different life situations and their influence on your pension benefits

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play:

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Industry comparison

Would you like to know how other companies in your sector are insured? We will show you which pension coverage competitors of a comparable size offer their employees using an industry sector comparison.

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