Pensions from a different perspective

A younger and an older businesswoman discuss the project

Older employees: Clichés vs. Reality

Are older workers expensive and inflexible, and can’t keep up? False. We expose why these notions as mere prejudices.
Portrait Christina Lipp und Karla Bavoljak

Futureworks: also setting trends in management

How will we lead in the future? The leadership culture of Futureworks AG, the creative and brand consultancy for Vita, offers us a taste of the working world of tomorrow, today.
Photo of Borries Schwesinger and Jonas Hubacher

At Futureworks, the future has already begun

How will we work in the future? More flexibly in terms of locations and time, independently, and with a more project-driven and networked approach. At Futureworks AG, the creative and brand consultancy for Vita, the name says it all.
Working in times of the coronavirus: Few employees in the office

Short-time work and loss of income: the impact on occupational retirement provision

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, companies are receiving financial support. What do short-time work and loss of income mean for occupational retirement provision?
Supervisor speaks to his team

Coronavirus: What you as an employer should know

What employers should know about the coronavirus. In the event of a pandemic, the protective measures ordered by the authorities must be implemented as a matter of urgency.
Photo Dr. Erwin W. Heri

"More encouragement must be given to personal pension provision"

Even the Swiss can benefit from a little financial education. Finance professor Erwin W. Heri discusses his "Netflix for Investors" and advocates personal pension provision.

Pension provision: Technical terms explained simply

You can find a compact explanation of the most important terms concerning a pension provision here.
Photo Monika Bütler und Fabio Marchesin

Pension planning: Why it makes sense to save for retirement

AHV, pension fund, third pillar: The Swiss pension system is facing societal and financial challenges. In an environment of negative interest rates and redistribution between the generations, every second Swiss citizen worries about their retirement pension.
Nico Donatsch and Gian Donatsch from Donatsch + Partner AG

Built on trust: How Donatsch + Partner AG are handling their succession

Insurance experts advise entrepreneurs to start planning for their succession ten years before they retire. For the Donatsch family, that's too early. But how long will they wait? We asked the family.
Older gentleman sitting on park bench, phoning and having laptop on his knees

How to successfully plan business succession and pensions

Plan the succession of your company early on so that you can retire with peace of mind.
Photo Sepp Schmid and Raffael Schmid, Schmid Fenster Manufaktur

With peace of mind: organizing a family succession

The Appenzellerland is known for its tradition and craftsmanship – and so is Schmid Fenster Manufaktur. For five years now, son Raffael has been running the company in its third generation. But it wasn't always clear whether the craft production house would remain in the family.
Photo Chantal Wick: Swiss professional handball player

«My life revolves around handball»

Student, marketing specialist, handball player: Chantal Wick has many strengths. The 25-year-old from Zurich is currently focusing entirely on her talents as an athlete, however.
Portrait father & son in the company

The ins and outs of succession planning for your business

Are you entering a new phase in life? Learn about succession planning for your business.
Company owner in the office

For SMEs: The right retirement provisions at the right time

How old is your company? Are you a promising start-up or can you already look back on a proud tradition? Find out which pension solution best suits your personal situation.
Father sits with daughter on the sofa and reads a book

Working part-time while nevertheless making sound provisions for retirement – how is this possible?

Working part time is widely accepted in society – but you need to be careful if you want to reduce your hours. There is a risk of serious shortfalls in your occupational retirement provision. This is because the system is set up for people working full time. Five tips for appropriate cover.
Young employees in a workshop

Attracting the best talent as an SME

Practical tips on how you can retain your existing staff and convince new employees of your strengths.
Three generations spend a day together

The history of the old-age pension

Hiking, traveling, culture – pensioners of today plan for an active retirement. In the history of humanity, this is a first. A survey of the development of old-age pensions.
Carpenter at work

Ahead of the game with smart pension provision

There is a wide range of services on offer in the second pillar. If small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make the right choice, they can get themselves into a good position on the labor market.
Happy couple

Marriage and life partnership: The financial implications

Should we get married, or just continue living together as life partners? This is a worthwhile question to ask, as being married or in a registered partnership has significant legal and financial ramifications.
Man lies on meadow, looks into the sky and listens to music.

How the Swiss save money for retirement

We all have dreams. But for dreams to become plans and plans to become reality, it not only takes courage and determination, but also sound finances.
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Pension fund: How about a little more?

Employers who offer their staff above-average benefits in the pension fund increase their appeal as an employer.
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Retirement à la carte

Udo Jürgens once sung: "Life begins at 66." When do you want to retire? As early as possible, at the normal time or preferably a bit later?
Smiling couple sitting at the table

"Pension or lump-sum payment?" A question of happiness for Kurt and Franziska

They are currently debating whether to have their retirement assets paid out as a lump sum or whether to draw a pension. We put three suggestions to the test.
Vita rocket takes off

What makes the Vita model so successful

More and more companies are turning to semi-autonomous insurance solutions because they afford greater investment flexibility for higher interest earned, which means higher pensions.
Man in white T-shirt smiling on the balcony

Retirement planning becomes a key issue when you turn 50

Those who wish to enjoy a well-funded retirement should start to take stock of the situation once they turn 50 and carry out a thorough review of their retirement planning.
Man sitting at desk

Flexwork – this is how to make it work

Five tips on how flexwork can benefit employees and companies.

The BVG auxiliary fund foundation – an impressive achievement

The BVG auxiliary fund foundation manages more than a million vested benefits accounts, more than half of all vested benefits accounts in Switzerland.
Woman in home office

Interview with the Flexwork experts for SMEs

Two flexwork experts discuss the risks and rewards of this form of work – for companies and for employees.

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