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Vita Invest

For companies that rely on their own strengths. And for all those who want to remain financially secure after retirement.

Vita Invest in brief

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Why Vita Invest?

No redistribution and cross-financing ensures that your return opportunities are maximized after retirement.
  • Fair distribution: Your pension fund is independent; you and your employees benefit directly from its income
  • Transparent costs: You always have a complete insight into the development of your asset investments via your company's own balance sheet and income statement.
  • Adapted strategy: The division into three investment profiles ensures that the investment strategy matches your risk capacity.
  • Clear processes: Your income is allocated according to predefined mechanisms. This ensures that your savings history remains traceable and calculable.

Your occupational retirement provision – as individual as your company

Vita Invest perfectly tailors your company's retirement provision solution to your needs. It eliminates undesirable redistributions, increases return opportunities and maximizes your retirement assets.

Your own pension fund

The absence of cross-financing and redistribution ensures that you and your employees retain the generated capital.


Your individual potential and the ideal use of your risk capacity are used to determine which investment strategy is most suitable for you.

Hybrid pension model

A guaranteed basic pension and variable participation combine security and flexibility – both, when building assets and after retirement.



for the insured

The myVitaInvest portal for the insured offers you the opportunity to manage your retirement provision directly online.

  • Access and change your personal information
  • Download your personal retirement provision certificate and submit various documents
  • Simulate different life situations and their influence on your pension benefits

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play:

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More in detail

The Vita Invest retirement provision model maximizes your savings balance by eliminating unwanted redistribution and increasing the long-term return opportunities on your retirement assets. Adapt your occupational retirement provision to your individual needs with an investment strategy that optimizes the use of your risk capacity. Vita Invest also provides the option of taking out purely super-mandatory retirement provision for management staff.

Your own pension fund

Our experts will personally advise you in all areas. A separate balance sheet and operating statement is kept for each customer, giving you a transparent overview of how your asset investments are developing at all times. This also prevents unwanted solidarity with other affiliated pension funds and ensures that your performance benefits your company alone.

Vita Invest allows you to retain decision-making powers over aspects that are otherwise reserved for company's proprietary pension funds. Vita Invest is an especially good choice for companies who are looking to dissolve their own pension fund and are looking for a suitable alternative.


When determining your investment strategy, the individual potential and optimal use of the risk capacity for you and your employees takes center stage. With Autoinvestment, a new investment mechanism automatically invests for you. Your employees' retirement provision assets are divided into three investment profiles according to their risk capacity

  • Dynamic profile
  • Progressive profile
  • Balanced profile

This ensures that the investment strategy is always precisely tailored to your company and that the retirement assets are invested in accordance with your risk capacity. The investment income benefits your employees directly and creates more assets in your occupational pension plan – without you having to take care of this yourself.

Company's own investment strategy
Are you looking for a personal investment strategy for your company? Zurich Invest Ltd offers a wide range of possibilities for this. You can put together your portfolio individually and freely choose from various investment products.

Hybrid pension model

Your employees will enjoy guaranteed and variable benefits after retirement. This combination offers a certain degree of protection against inflation after retirement, as the assets can also be invested in real assets (e.g. real estate, shares) during the withdrawal phase.

Guaranteed, fixed benefits are paid out during retirement as a basic pension. This is financed from the retirement assets accumulated during your employees' working lives.

Variable, individual benefits are derived from the accumulated assets, which continue to be invested after retirement and generate investment returns.

Your participation in income

Vita Invest gives you a complete insight into your savings process, as there is a pre-determined participation in investment income. Your investment income is allocated according to a predefined procedure and it is always retained by you in the form of the following mechanisms:

  • Interest for your retirement assets
  • Individual fluctuation reserves that your employees take with them when they retire or change jobs
  • A collective fluctuation reserve that provides a safety net for your employees in the pension fund