About Vita

Vita – simply secure pension provision

What is Vita? The occupational retirement provision for companies offered by Vita Collective Foundations and Zurich Insurance. More than 25,000 companies with around 200,000 employees trust in our products.

Under the Vita brand, the Vita Collective Foundations look after the investment of retirement assets and Zurich takes care of the risk insurance and service. Vita customers benefit from the core competences of both partners: with the Vita Collective Foundations, insured individuals benefit from participation in investment performance and Zurich secures pension payments, covers risks and offers first-class service as a strong insurance partner.

Our shared aim and claim is to make the occupational retirement provision extremely simple, understandable and secure.

There is no future without a past

Vita is not an unknown quantity in the Swiss market. Vita Life Insurance Company Ltd was founded in 1922 as Zurich's subsidiary. What was then known as Vita carried out regular free medical examinations for its customers from 1925. It was the first life insurer in Europe to do so.

In 1929 the customer magazine Vita-Ratgeber appeared for the first time with the aim of promoting the health of the insured with tips on healthy living. Vita even funded operations with a refund system for operation costs introduced in 1940. This meant that customers could have the costs for a life-saving operation refunded once during their insurance term.

Vita has been sponsoring Vitaparcours fitness trails, which are named after it, since 1968. The name Vitaparcours was retained after Vita changed its name to Zurich Life in 1993.

New life was injected into the name Vita with the formation of the Vita Joint Foundation, the largest semi-autonomous joint foundation today. Subsequently, the Mythen and Avantgarde Joint Foundations were also renamed as Vita Joint Foundations.

All the Vita Joint Foundations have been jointly represented under the Vita brand since 2014.

Vita – a piece of Swiss brand history