Committed: Innflow helps employees to take their future into their own hands

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Committed: Innflow helps employees to take their future into their own hands

The example of Innflow impressively shows: Responsible employers can offer their employees real added value – and thus inspire them to stay with the company. Retirement provision plays an important role in this.
"Employees are our most important asset" – at Innflow AG this is not a marketing slogan, but a business principle, because as one of the leading SAP consulting companies in Switzerland, the expertise, passion and commitment of its employees are its most important competitive advantage.

Employees are our most important asset.

Daniela R. Medaglia, Head of Human Resources

A culture of trust and co-creation

That is why Innflow does a lot for its employees: They are allowed to work when and where it suits them best. Among other things, the company stands out with above-average social benefits and generous further training opportunities.
But above all, Innflow has a strong company culture: The employees enjoy a great deal of trust and can help to shape the company, introduce innovations and initiate changes. "We are like a jigsaw puzzle," says Daniela R. Medaglia, Head of Human Resources. "Every single element shapes the overall picture. Our goal is that each and every individual enjoys working for us and contributes to the success of the company."

Top employer, highly motivated team

The employees obviously see it the same way: In the current employee survey, the company scored 90 out of a possible 100 points on the topic of "motivation". The values for solidarity, trust and job satisfaction are similarly high, and Innflow was also designated a Top Company by the platform kununu. "These are extraordinarily good results," says Daniela R. Medaglia.

Battle for the best talents

Innflow is on course for growth and has almost tripled the number of permanent employees in the past five years, reaching 120 people now. "In the booming market for SAP consulting, the battle for talent continues at all levels," says the HR manager. "Applicants can often choose between three or four offers without much effort."

Pension fund as part of the overall package

In order to convince talented new people to join Innflow and, above all, keep them on board for the long term, the company therefore relies on a convincing overall package, says Daniela R. Medaglia: "In addition to generous employment conditions and attractive fringe benefits, we also offer our employees comprehensive coverage for sickness and accidents. What's more, we have a strong pension fund partner in the Vita Collective Foundation." As of January, employees can choose between different plans and thus decide for themselves how important occupational retirement provision is for them.

Retirement provision as a topic in the job interview

The head of HR raises the topic of occupational retirement provision as early as the job interview: "I make young talents aware of the fact that with us, they can achieve above-average savings for their retirement provision right from the start. If they have a family or want to start one, I talk to them about risk coverage. For older applicants over 50, the pension fund is a big issue in any case. They are not prepared to accept cuts in occupational retirement provision for a little more pay."

Older applicants over 50 are not prepared to accept cuts in occupational retirement provision for a little more pay.

Daniela R. Medaglia, Head of Human Resources

Significant interest in retirement provision

Daniela R. Medaglia has found that many employees are very interested in the topic of retirement provision, and she often receives questions about pension fund purchases. As an employee representative on the retirement provision committee, she is very familiar with the topic of pension funds and frequently informs her colleagues about it, including at the regular employee event "InnDialog".

Valuable view from the outside

"The view from the outside is nevertheless really valuable," adds the HR manager. This is why, together with specialists from Zurich and Vita, she organized a staff orientation session for Innflow employees in the fall of 2022. "The Vita Collective Foundation is the first pension fund that has ever offered us such a service," reports Daniela R. Medaglia. And she draws a positive conclusion: "From our point of view, the event was definitely worthwhile. The participants were very attentive, asked numerous questions, and for many there was an 'aha' moment', because although our employees are highly qualified and intelligent, they are not necessarily insurance specialists."

The view from the outside is nevertheless really valuable.

Daniela R. Medaglia, Head of Human Resources

Responsibility as an employer

With the staff orientation session, she wants to raise awareness of how important the topic of retirement provision is – not only in the 2nd pillar, but also in the 3rd. "I see it as our responsibility as an employer. It's up to each individual to take action – but we can provide the necessary information." Shortly after the event, the first requests came in for another occasion of this kind: "We want to hold one every year in future."

What the Zurich and Vita staff orientation sessions offer

  • Thanks to the staff orientation session, your employees receive in-depth knowledge about our pension system in Switzerland and can successfully set the course for their financial future based on this.
  • We offer direct access to experts in occupational and personal retirement provision. Whether general information or individual needs – we have the answers to your questions.
  • You position yourself as a socially responsible employer who has made sound provisions for its employees.
  • And you help your pension fund to fulfill its duty to inform employees in accordance with Art. 86b BVG.

Staff orientation with Vita Mobil

Vita stands for a simple, secure and clear occupational retirement provision. During our staff information sessions, our pension experts pay you a visit and inform your staff about the essential features of social security schemes.

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