The 2023 Fairplay study on occupational retirement provision

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Spitex Chur

Appreciation and flexibility: everyday life at Spitex Chur

Spitex Chur shows how appreciation works: this flexible pension fund solution has met with a positive response from employees.
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General election for the Foundation Board of the Vita Invest Collective Foundation

From February to April 2024, a general election was held for the Foundation Board of the Vita Invest Collective Foundation. The Foundation Board is composed of equal numbers of employee and employer representatives, and two seats were to be filled for each.


Benefits for insured

As an insured of Vita Joint Foundations, you benefit from attractive preferential conditions on insurance and investment solutions from Zurich.

Vita pension planning solutions

Vita Classic

The Vita Collective Foundation with its Vita Classic product stands for a balanced occupational pension plan. Active and retired employees as well as new and existing members participate equally in the investment returns.

Vita Invest

Vita Invest perfectly tailors your company's retirement provision solution to your needs. It eliminates undesirable redistributions, increases return opportunities and maximizes your retirement assets.

Vita Relax

Vita Relax is mainly designed for start-ups and SMEs that want to be on the safe side. Thanks to the full risk assumption by Zurich, the solution remains consistent and predictable.

Vita Select Additional Insurance (1e)

Employers who choose Vita Select for senior management pensions can offer an advanced pension planning solution without having to constantly adapt it to their employees' needs.

Vita Plus Additional Insurance

Vita Plus is intended to supplement mandatory pension provision and is suitable for companies of all sectors. The product offers additional risk benefits (in case of death or disability) and additional savings options for senior staff.