How to proceed: capital withdrawal in the case of emigration

Capital withdrawal in the case of emigration

You are emigrating and wish to withdraw your pension capital

If you are leaving the economic area of Switzerland/Liechtenstein for good, then you are no longer insured under the mandatory occupational retirement provision. Therefore, under certain conditions you can have your departure payment paid out in cash.

How to proceed

Whether or not you have already resigned from your employer, you can send us the necessary documents so that we can transfer your departure payment immediately on the date of your departure.

  1. Please send us the following documents for the cash payment of your departure payment:

    Confirmation of deregistration from your municipality
    Cash payment of the departure payment Vita Classic, Vita Relax and Vita Plus
    Cash payment of the departure payment Vita Invest
    Cash payment of the departure payment Vita Select
    Further requirements depending on marital status:

    You are married
    Your spouse's signature

    In the case of cash payments of more than CHF 50,000, your spouse's signature must also be certified by a mayor of the municipality or a notary

    You are not married
    Proof that you are unmarried (Civil status certificate, which is not older than 3 months.)
  2. Please send your complete documents to:

    Zurich Switzerland
    Scanning BVG
    P.O. Box
    8085 Zurich 

Next steps

As soon as we have received the notification of departure from your employer and your complete documents regarding payment, we will transfer your departure payment and send you written confirmation by mail.