From zero to a hundred with electromobility

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From zero to a hundred with electromobility

"Ecological balance is not a given – we need to create a more sustainable world now." This conviction is shared by Kajetan Mazenauer, Managing Director of Kostad Switzerland. The company markets fast charging stations for electric vehicles – and does so on a large scale. Kostad Switzerland Ltd is also going a step further in the choice of its occupational pension plan, because retirement provision begins earlier than you might think.
From zero to a hundred with electromobility
The electric motor in a truck saves up to 80 tons of CO2 each year in comparison to a fossil-powered diesel vehicle. The potential CO2 emissions savings in the logistics sector are substantial. The switch to electric mobility is to be facilitated by an extensive network of e-charging points: Based in Frauenfeld, the company Kostad Switzerland is actively contributing to the development of charging infrastructure in Switzerland. Its focus is on fast charging stations. What is of particular interest is that the charging stations for electric vehicles sold by Kostad really are fast.

A flagship project for the logistics sector

Together with Thurgau-based logistics group Hugelshofer, Kostad is realizing one of the largest charging parks in eastern Switzerland with "fuel pumps" for around 70 e-vehicles. This is a flagship project not only for Kostad Switzerland Ltd, but for the entire logistics sector. "Since the expansion of this kind of charging infrastructure is extremely complex, we have specialized in the preparation and support of charging park concepts," explains Raphael Schurr, Technical Director at Kostad Switzerland.
During our visit to Hugelshofer in Frauenfeld, there were three electric trucks in the charging park, all connected to fast charging stations from Kostad. With 350 kWh fast charging, the batteries are fully charged in around 90 minutes. As a result of this rapid charging, which can be completed over lunch, for example, an electric truck can cover around 300 km twice a day. High vehicle utilization is important to give electric mobility the best chance of success in the highly competitive transport sector.

The potential for the logistics sector is huge.

Kajetan Mazenauer, Managing Director
Ready for departure: The first electric 40-tonne truck is on its way once more. Barely even audible, it rolls away quietly and accelerates from zero to a hundred with impressive speed.

A company with ambitious goals

Currently, Kostad Switzerland Ltd is primarily active in eastern Switzerland, but the young company's vision is clear: It has set its sights on becoming one of the three leading providers of e-charging stations. "We realized early on that we have to focus on specific target customer segments, since the traditional market is dominated by the large energy providers," explains Managing Director Kajetan Mazenauer. As President of the Swiss Electric Vehicle Club (ECS), he is familiar with the market and knows what he is talking about: "The discussion around e-mobility is still largely focused on cars. Much more exciting is transportation using medium and heavy goods vehicles, which is at a crucial turning point. This is the market that interests us." Kostad Switzerland specializes in infrastructure solutions and complete charging park concepts for the logistics sector as well as for SMEs. The expert is convinced: At some point, all aspects of mobility will be electrified – from logistics to farming, air freight and shipping.

All aspects of mobility will be electrified.

Kajetan Mazenauer, Managing Director

How it all began: thinking one step ahead pays off

Kostad Switzerland Ltd set up its first fast charging system at Garage Engeler in Frauenfeld – a huge success thanks partly to Kajetan Mazenauer's idea. The dedicated e-mobility expert is happy to think big – and that is how a small bistro was set up next to the charging station. "Many players on the market have yet to recognize that you can increase the attractiveness of public charging points with additional services," explains Kajetan with a grin on his face. While the electric vehicle is being fully charged at the charging column, the driver can relax with a coffee in the bistro or take the opportunity to chat with like-minded people. Today, the bistro at Garage Engeler is a meeting point for e-vehicle enthusiasts.

More than just a charging station

The products sold by Kostad Switzerland are developed and produced by Austrian parent company Kostad Steuerungsbau GmbH. The Swiss subsidiary markets the fast charging stations and offers its customers a full range of services – from planning to installation, maintenance and repair. "Having high quality standards is important to us. You can rely on our products and services," emphasizes Raphael Schurr.

We are fast, have a sufficient stock of replacement parts in our warehouse and offer a five-year full guarantee. That is unique in our industry.

Raphael Schurr, Technical director

From zero to a hundred – more financial freedom in retirement

Sustainability is a key concern for Kostad Switzerland Ltd, which is why it is also keen to configure its retirement provision in a sustainable way: with a pension plan that all employees can feel good about and that is focused on saving for retirement. "Despite the fact that we are a young company in its start-up phase, a proper retirement provision solution is important to me," stresses Kajetan Mazenauer emphatically, as he notes that retirement provision begins sooner than you might think. "I was looking for a pension fund solution that would be a good fit for the company and would grow with us," explains the Managing Director. Kostad found the right partner in the Vita Collective Foundation with its retirement provision solution Vita Classic. "Once we become profitable, I'm going to adjust the pension plan and provide 60 percent of the contributions as the employer."

We haven't chosen an off-the-shelf solution for our pension plan; saving is important to us.

Kajetan Mazenauer, Managing Director

From personal experience, he appreciates the value of building up your retirement savings from an early age. His first employer enabled him to pay into the pension fund and save for his retirement from the age of 18. Kajetan Mazenauer would like to extend the same opportunity to his employees. He deliberately chose a pension plan with savings contributions that are three percent above the statutory minimum. "I view it as part of my function as an employer to provide employees with the necessary information about their pension fund – particularly younger employees." People have different ideas about how they want to spend their retirement. However, what they all have in common is that avoidable money worries should not be a part of it.

As Managing Director of Kostad Switzerland Ltd, Kajetan Mazenauer is contributing as much as he possibly can to a retirement free from financial worries for his employees and to a better, more climate-neutral world – at Kostad, sustainability means taking responsibility.

About Kostad Switzerland Ltd

Kostad Switzerland Ltd is based in Frauenfeld and markets fast charging stations for electric vehicles. The company specializes in the preparation of and support for charging park concepts – both for the logistics industry and for small and medium-sized businesses.

Fairplay in occupational retirement provision

Vita is committed to fairplay in occupational retirement provision and provides transparent information on redistribution. Vita also creates future-proof pension products and supports you in choosing the right pension solution for yourself.

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