Fair play in retirement provision

Saving for yourself again – thanks to fair play in occupational retirement provision

To enjoy old age without financial worries is one of the main goals of many employees. A significant proportion of this is down to the 2nd pillar – occupational retirement provision. However, the environment has become more complicated. Overly optimistic interest rate promises and a too-rigid conversion rate lead to a funding gap in retirement benefits. A redistribution of funds is needed to close this gap. Vita is committed to fair play in occupational retirement provision and provides transparent information on redistribution. Vita also creates future-proof pension products and supports you in choosing the right pension solution for yourself.

To the point

Less investment income: The return on invested retirement assets is lower, due to lower interest rates.

Increasing life expectancy: Happily, we are enjoying our retirement for longer and longer. However, this means that retirement assets at retirement have to last longer.

Rigid conversion rate: Current conversion rates are based on outdated data on life expectancy and on overly optimistic interest rate promises.

Unfamiliarity with investment strategy: The majority of Swiss employers and employees are unfamiliar with the investment strategy of their retirement provision. Eventhough, for many, savings in the 2nd pillar represent the largest savings component.

Financing commitments: Investment returns can no longer finance the promises of the conversion rate. A funding gap exists for retired persons.

Unfair redistribution: The funding gap is closed using part of the returns generated on invested retirement assets.

This is how Vita is committed to fair play in occupational retirement provision


In order to counteract undesired redistribution, Vita is committed to fair, sustainable and flexible occupational retirement provision. It clarifies undesired redistribution and creates transparency.

Different investment strategies

Vita advises its customers on the choice of the appropriate pension planning solutions and investment strategy, taking individual needs and risk capacity into account.

Pension planning models and pension planning solutions

Vita develops pension planning solutions that ensure that as much of the investment return as possible also reaches the insured persons.


What can you do as an employee to improve your retirement provision?

Learn about your occupational retirement provision early on, and talk to your employer about it. If necessary, additional personal retirement provision may be of interest to you.

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Via your employer, you are covered under the occupational retirement provision of the Vita Joint Foundations and Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd. Benefit from this partnership and conclude various Zurich insurance and investment solutions at preferential conditions.


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