What are the conditions for early withdrawal for the promotion of home-ownership?

What are the conditions for early withdrawal for the promotion of home-ownership?

In the event of a withdrawal of retirement provision assets for the promotion of home-ownership, the following aspects should be taken into account.

  • The property must be for your personal habitation.
  • The minimum amount is CHF 20,000 and there must be at least five years between two early withdrawals.
  • If you have made a purchase into the pension fund, you cannot make an early withdrawal for at least three years.
  • Under 50s can withdraw their entire retirement provision balance; over 50s can withdraw a maximum of half or the amount of the retirement provision balance upon their 50th birthday.
  • The promotion of home-ownership abroad is possible, provided that the property will be lived in by you and it is your main residence.
  • The payment of the early withdrawal becomes possible from three months before the transfer of ownership of property.
  • The capital withdrawal taxes due cannot be paid with the money from the early withdrawal.
  • The property cannot be sold to a person who is not a beneficiary under pension law until an early withdrawal has been repaid in full.
  • In its regulations, the pension fund can stipulate that pledging, early withdrawal and repayment may be time-limited, reduced with respect to amount or refused entirely for the duration of any coverage deficiency.
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