Pension advice for private individuals

Pension advice

You’d like to plan your retirement

Did you know that after you retire the AHV old-age pension and the mandatory BVG pension will only cover at most around 60 percent of your average annual income?

For your occupational retirement provision, you and your employer pay into the Vita Joint Foundation. We we would like to thank you for placing your trust in us and protect you with this offer from a pension shortfall:

Get some advice from Zurich so that you don’t have any gaps in your pension provision. A pension specialist will use a pension analysis to show you exactly:

  • which options are available, so that you can optimize your taxes
  • what the advantages and disadvantages of buying into your pension fund are
  • what you have to watch out for in your inheritance planning and your housing arrangements
  • whether taking a lump sum or a pension is more suitable in your case
  • how you can plan for your retirement, step by step and in good time

Simply fill out the following form and your pension specialist will contact you.