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What you have to do to establish occupational retirement provision via Vita

Employers are required by law to report employees who must have a pension plan to the pension fund. This ensures that the contributions for the occupational pension plan are billed correctly and that the employees are insured. Employees are subject to occupational benefits if they receive an annual salary of more than CHF 22,050, have reached the age of 17 and are employed for an unlimited period of more than three months.

  1. The easiest method for you is to calculate the premiums for a new employee comfortably online and to register the employee via our Vita Company Portal.
  2. As an alternative, you can also use the form:
    Registration for an occupational pension plan Vita Classic, Vita Relax and Vita Plus 
    Registration for an occupational pension plan Vita Invest
    Registration for an occupational pension plan Vita Select
  3. Please sent the completed form by mail or email, stating your contract number, to the given address.

We will record the admission of your employee and send you an invoice for your new premium. On the new invoice you can see how your premiums as a whole have changed due to the new registration.

Please give your new employee the pay-in slip for the transfer of their benefit. The employee's previous pension plan will transfer the insured's savings capital to Vita. In this way, you as an employer will benefit from lower costs for the risk of the employee's death, and the employee will benefit from the high interest earned on their savings capital with Vita.

Pension administration with the Vita Company Portal

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