You are leaving Vita after just a short time

If you have only been insured in Vita's occupational pension scheme for a short time, your departure payment could be smaller than the annual contribution that you made for your occupational pension provision (insignificance). In this case, you can have the departure payment paid out in cash, if you prefer. Your annual contribution is shown in your pension certificate.

This is how you proceed

  1. Please send us for the cash payment of your departure payment  the form Cash payment of the departure payment and the following documents:

    If you are married: your spouse's signature
    If you are unmarried: evidence of marital status (not older than 1 month)
  2. Please send the letter to:

    Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
    Help Point BVG
    P.O. Box
    8085 Zurich

Next steps

As soon as we have received and reviewed the notification of departure from your employer and your documents regarding payment, we will transfer your departure payment and send you a written confirmation by mail.


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