How to proceed: report a departure


What to do in order to leave the occupational pension plan from Vita

As an employer you have an obligation to give your pension fund notice of your employees' leaving if the employment relationship ends. The saved funds from the occupational pension plan must be transferred to the new employer's pension fund. If employees do not join a new pension fund or have already joined one, the leaving payment is transferred to the vested benefit policy or a vested benefit account. In the case of leavings or retirements during the year, all premiums are due on the leaving date.

When you announce the leaving of your employee to the pension fund, you ensure that you will only pay premiums for the hired and insured employees at the end of the year.

  1. The easiest approach is for you to report the leaving through our Vita Company Portal.
  2. Alternatively, you can also use the form.
    Leaving from the employee pension plan Vita Classic, Vita Relax and Vita Plus
    Leaving from the employee pension plan Vita Invest
    Leaving from the employee pension plan Vita Select

    When giving notification of a leaving, please give us your employee's current residential address and confirm whether your employee was fully capable of work on the leaving date.
  3. Please send us the completed form by mail or email to the given address.

We will prepare a benefits statement and send it straight to the insured. A statement will also be sent to you as the employer. It will show you how your premiums have changed due to your having notified us of your employee's leaving.

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