Hug Engineering: "Sustainability is an attitude"

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Hug Engineering: "Sustainability is an attitude"

The firm Hug Engineering ensures greater sustainability in gas and diesel engines and consistently embodies the principle of sustainability in its day-to-day work. In light of this, it places great emphasis on having a pension fund partner that shares its values.
Hug Engineering:

A business geared toward sustainability: The firm Hug Engineering from Elsau in the canton of Zurich is a leader in exhaust gas purification. It manufactures catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters for gas and diesel engines and thus helps to protect the environment. "Our solutions are used in mega-yachts, for example, as well as rail vehicles and greenhouses," reports Kosta Dimitriadis. He is responsible for the supply chain, warehouse and production at Hug Engineering and has been with the company for 32 years.

Efficient and flexible

"To remain competitive as a Swiss manufacturer operating in a global market, we have to work extremely efficiently," he comments. On top of this, the company always adapts flexibly to market developments. "Increasing digitalization results in an increasing number of data centers. We are responding to this by offering catalytic converters for their emergency power generators."

Sustainability in everyday life – and in pension provision

Kosta's colleague Caira Imfeld is responsible for the procurement of ceramics and the selection of suppliers at Hug Engineering. She emphasizes that sustainability plays a role not only in the products, but also in the day-to-day work of the employees: "We have an initiative, for example, to get people to cycle to the office as often as possible." Financial sustainability is also important to her, which is why she saves using the 3rd pillar and has also taken out life insurance.

"I want to follow my dreams"

The earlier you start your retirement provision, the better off you will be later on: "I have many dreams for my future. Of course I want to be happy and healthy, but I also want to be able to travel and live a worry-free life after my retirement." She has gained this awareness partly thanks to Hug Engineering: "Pension provision is even covered as part of our annual employee appraisal – because sustainability is not just something we embody in our products; it is an attitude that permeates the entire organization."

Raising employees' awareness

Hanna Brand, HR Business Partner at Hug Engineering, also plays an important role here: "It is extremely important to me that employees start making provision for their individual circumstances as early as possible, ideally directly after completing an apprenticeship. This is necessary to enable them to maintain their standard of living in old age." She aims to use information events and brochures to raise awareness of the importance of retirement provision among Hug Engineering employees.

A robust solution for occupational retirement provision

This also includes a robust and fair solution in the area of occupational retirement provision: "It was important for us to find a partner that, like us, has a philosophy of sustainability – for example, when it comes to investing." In 2022 Hug Engineering found this partner, explains Hanna Brand: "We chose Vita because it is very transparent about its processes and values. We also expect our pension fund partner to be easily contactable if we have any questions, not only for us as policyholders, but also for our employees as insured persons." Ultimately, says Hanna Brand, Hug Engineering expects the same from its pension fund as it offers its own customers: "A solution that is individually and flexibly tailored to the needs of the customer."

Kosta Dimitriadis
Head of Supply Chain & Production
Caira Imfeld
Purchasing specialist
Hanna Brand
HR Business Partner

Fairplay in occupational retirement provision

Vita is committed to fairplay in occupational retirement provision and provides transparent information on redistribution. Vita also creates future-proof pension products and supports you in choosing the right pension solution for yourself.

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