What different forms of retirement are there?

What different forms of retirement are there?

In Switzerland, there are four ways to retire.

  • The normal case is regular retirement at the age of 64 (women) or 65 (men).
  • Early retirement is possible from the age of 58 at the earliest.
  • In the case of partial retirement, retirement takes place from the age of 58 at the earliest in a maximum of three steps with an interval of at least one year.
  • In the case of deferred retirement, retirement takes place no later than the 69th birthday (women) or 70th birthday (men). Up to three partial steps are possible.

It should be noted that the requirements and the tax situation - especially in the case of early or partial retirement - differ depending on the place of residence and the pension fund regulations. In order to find the optimal form of retirement for you, we therefore recommend personal pension planning with Zurich.

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