What is financial planning or a retirement strategy?

What is financial planning or a retirement strategy?

Financial planning or a retirement strategy refer to offers for financial life planning that are taken advantage of at different points in time. They create clarity and deliver the basis to enable you to make the right financial decisions.

Financial planning:

During a financial planning session, specialists analyze your personal retirement provision situation and show you how you can achieve your savings goals and close any gaps. In doing so, your current living situation and the expected benefits from all three pillars are taken into account. Financial planning is an ongoing process and should be adjusted each time life circumstances or goals change. The earlier financial planning is dealt with, the more and better options there are for retirement strategy planning.

Retirement strategy:

From the age of 58 at the latest, it is a matter of specifically planning the third stage of life. In addition to the option of early or part-time retirement, there is also the question of whether the pension fund balance should be paid out as a pension or as a lump sum. The various options for withdrawals from the pension fund or pillar 3a – including tax advantages and disadvantages – will also be outlined as part of a retirement strategy.

The experts at Zurich will provide you with a personal offer for financial planning or a retirement strategy.