What speaks in favor of personal retirement provision via the third pillar?

What speaks in favor of personal retirement provision via the third pillar?

The benefits from the first two pillars generally only cover some 60 to 75% of the last salary; this gap can be closed via the third pillar. Pillar 3a is of particular interest as payments made can be deducted from taxes. For employees the maximum annual amount in 2022 is CHF 7,056 ; for self-employed persons it is CHF 35,280 (maximum of 20% of net income). Interest income and capital earnings from the third pillar are tax-exempt during the savings phase, as are the retirement provision assets saved over the years. Another benefit is the opportunity to insure yourself and your family against death and disability through an insurance solution.

In general, the following is true: The earlier you begin with personal retirement provision, the better it is. Even if only small amounts are paid in at the start, a considerable sum can be saved through securities-based saving thanks to the long investment horizon. In addition, higher risks can be entered into with a long-term investment, which increases profit opportunities further.

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