What is the purpose of the retirement provision strategy?

What is the purpose of the retirement provision strategy?

In the retirement provision strategy, employers define which insurance benefits apply to employees of their company. On the one hand, this relates to the amount of the savings contributions, which are paid each month based on the age of the employees. On the other hand, it also lists the benefits that affected persons or their dependents can expect in the event of death or invalidity.

The retirement provision strategy is often not given much attention. Ultimately, however, it is largely responsible for how the respective pension assets develop. Particularly in the case of a long-term employment relationship, we advise the insured to look into the retirement provision strategy. It is an important part of the overall package you receive from your employer.

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Based on an individual pension analysis, we show you how you can plan your retirement provision at an early stage and fill any pension shortfalls. So that you can look forward to the third stage of your life confidently.