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We offer information for staff covering all aspects of occupational retirement provisions

The interrelationship between the various social security schemes can initially seem very complex. Vita stands for simple, secure and clear occupational retirement provisions, so we are committed to supporting you in providing information for your employees. During our free staff information sessions, our pension experts pay you a visit and inform your staff about the essential features of social security schemes. The main focus will be on the occupational pension plan that you, as an employer, have chosen.

In addition, our experts will provide information about the various options for pension planning and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of private pension planning under pillar 3a and the possibility of purchasing pension fund benefits. Furthermore, they will explain what benefits your employees can expect when they retire or if they become disabled, and what the employee's family can expect in the event of the employee's death.

During this event we would also be pleased to answer all questions and will be available to provide your employees with free advice concerning their individual pension situation.


How to proceed

To arrange an appointment you can get in touch with your contact for occupational retirement provisions at any time or call our Help Point BVG on 0800 80 80 80.

Please note

We will plan the staff information sessions at the time and venue that best suits you. The event can take place during off-peak hours, for instance – either on your own premises or at an external venue of your choice. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

This is how fair play works in occupational retirement provision

Fair play in occupational retirement provision

Vita is committed to fair play in occupational retirement provision and provides transparent information on redistribution. Vita also creates future-proof pension products and supports you in choosing the right pension solution for yourself.

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