Instructions and information

Here you will find information and instructions on how to complete your administrative tasks with Vita. As an employer, you also have the option to complete your tasks even faster with the online employee pension plan.

Personnel file

Change of life circumstances

Change of life circumstances

Find out how to proceed with a switch to Vita or another pension fund as well as in the event of changed life circumstances.

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Report pension

Report pension

Inform yourself about the various pension options and what you have to pay attention to in the selected form.

Vita Car

Staff orientation with Vita Mobil

Vita stands for a simple, secure and clear occupational retirement provision. During our staff information sessions, our pension experts pay you a visit and inform your staff about the essential features of social security schemes.

Use capital

Find out when a withdrawal of your pension capital is possible and how to  proceed with it.

Report salary

Report salaries of your employees to us.

Payment and contract

Administrate your contract and the premium payments or report your new correspondence address to us.