How to proceed: report inability to work


What to do in the event of disability

If employees  become disabled for longer than three months as a result of sickness or an accident, Zurich will pay the premiums. If the disability due to illness lasts longer, employees will also receive a disability pension and a disability-linked children's pension for children eligible for a pension. The amount of the benefits is described in the pension plan.

This is how you proceed

Your employer will notify us of your inability to work or disability.

After we have received the necessary medical documents and the waiting period indicated in your pension plan has expired, we will verify whether we have an indemnity payment obligation on the basis of the medical files we have received. If you receive a disability pension from the IV disability insurance, we will be sent a copy of the corresponding written decision. We will verify our indemnity payment obligation at regular intervals and will automatically contact you or the appropriate body if we require additional documents.

Your next steps

If you have become unable to work or disabled, please send your daily allowance statements and medical certificates and the authorization provided to:

Vita Classic, Vita Relax & Vita Plus
Zurich Switzerland
Scanning BVG
P.O. Box
8085 Zurich 

Vita Invest
Vita Invest Collective Foundation of Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd
P. O. Box
8085 Zurich  

Vita Select
Vita Select Collective Foundation of Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd
P. O. Box
8085 Zurich


Authorization Vita Classic
Authorization Vita Invest
Authorization Vita Relax
Authorization Vita Plus
Authorization Vita Select