What happens to an insured person's pension assets after his or her death?

What happens to an insured person's pension assets after his or her death?

What happens to pension assets after death depends on the personal circumstances of the deceased. What always applies: If there are children who are eligible to receive a pension, they are entitled to a orphans' pension. Details of all claims can be found in your pension certificate.

Marriage/registered partnership

If the deceased was married or lived in a registered partnership, surviving dependents may claim a partner's pension. If the person dies before retirement, there is also the possibility to claim a lump-sum death benefit.

Domestic partner

Domestic partners who have lived in a joint household for at least five years are also entitled to a pension from Vita Joint Foundation. In the case of separate dwellings, the claim to a partner's pension is examined individually. If there is no pension entitlement, insured persons can make their domestic partners beneficiaries for the lump-sum death benefit. You can use this form Notification regarding domestic partnerships to inform us of your domestic partnership. 

Single persons

In the case of single persons, the pension assets are distributed in accordance with the BVG beneficiary regulation. However, you do have the option to change the legal order. In addition to persons who have received significant support, children who no longer require support, parents, siblings or other legal heirs may also be taken into account. It is not possible to transfer one's own pension assets to other persons such as ex-partners/colleagues or foundations.

You can use this form Notification regarding beneficiaries of lump-sum death benefits to designate beneficiaries of lump-sum death benefits, change the order of beneficiaries or identify specific beneficiaries within a particular group. All requests must comply with the beneficiary provisions set out in your pension regulations.