How does the Pension Calculator work?

How does the Pension Calculator work?

The Pension Calculator allows you to easily calculate your future pension in just a few minutes, across all three pillars. The aim is to make you aware of possible pension shortfalls and to show you what you can do to avoid them.

To calculate the pension, the expected pension from the first pillar (AHV) uncapped, the expected pension from the second pillar (BVG) and the stated assets in annuitized form are added together. The information you enter is used to calculate your retirement pension. We use simplifications and statistical figures. The more information you provide, the more accurately we can calculate your retirement pension. Your personal data will not be stored. Those who make early provisions for their retirement can maintain their accustomed standard of living in old age.

Im­pro­ving retirement provision

Pension advice for private individuals

It pays to plan early

Based on an individual pension analysis, we show you how you can plan your retirement provision at an early stage and fill any pension shortfalls. So that you can look forward to the third stage of your life confidently.