Where can I find information about my pension fund's investment strategy and returns?

Where can I find information about my pension fund's investment strategy and returns?

Depending on the retirement provision solution you have chosen, you can find information on the investment strategy and returns of your pension fund on our website, in the annual reports or investment reporting, or by mail.

With Vita Classic, we publish the composition of the investments, investment strategy, cover ratio, performance and the historical development of the cover ratio on our website. Even more detailed information can be found in the Annual Report and the Investment Report, which is published quarterly.

With Vita Invest, each company receives its own investment strategy and balance sheet, which means the investment performance will also differ. As the insured, you will receive the annual report by mail, and you can also find up-to-date information on Vita Invest's online portal.

With Vita Select, the insured themselves choose which of the eight investment strategies available to them will be used to invest their pension assets. General information can be found on the website, and detailed results are available in the investment report sent annually by mail.

Pension assets invested with Vita Relax or via the Vita Plus supplementary insurance receive a fixed interest rate. Information on its development and any surpluses can be found on the website.

With which Vita solution am I insured?

The sender indicated in your pension certificate provides information about the Vita Collective Foundation and retirement provision solution under which you are insured. Your employer can also provide you with information:

Sender ➞ retirement provision solution

Vita Collective Foundation ➞ Vita Classic
Vita Invest Collective Foundation ➞ Vita Invest
Vita BVG Collective Foundation ➞ Vita Relax
Vita Plus Collective Foundation ➞ Vita Plus
Vita Select Collective Foundation ➞ Vita Select

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