How to proceed: report new civil status

Marital status and responsibility for supporting dependents

What to do in the case of a marriage or a registered partnership

The employer is required to inform us if an employee gets married or enters into a registered partnership so that the employee's pension savings can be determined at this time. Employees who have a marriage-like partnership or must support joint children have the opportunity to ensure that their partner benefits accordingly.

This is how you proceed as an employer

  1. The easiest method is to report the change of marital status via the Vita Company Portal.
  2. Alternatively, you can also use the Amendment of personal data form. The insured can notify us of a partnership or a change of beneficiary in the event of death in the same way.
  3. Please notify us of any change of name or address and send the completed form by mail or email to:

    Zurich Switzerland
    Scanning BVG
    P.O. Box
    8085 Zurich 

The next steps

We will record the changes and send your employee a new pension certificate. The new pension certificate will show the current pension savings on the date of the wedding or the registration of the partnership and also the new surname, if applicable.

This is how you proceed as an employee

You do not need to do anything yourself. Your employer will notify us of your new marital status. If your surname changes on marriage, we will also need this information from your employer.

Please submit the form entitled Notification regarding domestic partnerships and/or the form entitled Notification regarding beneficiaries of lump-sum death benefits to:

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Help Point BVG
P.O. Box
8085 Zurich

Next steps

As soon as we have received notification of your change of marital status and, if need be, your change of surname, we will send you a new pension certificate. This will show your current pension savings at the time of your marriage and your new surname, if applicable. We will acknowledge receipt of the form(s) in writing as soon as we have received them.

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