Partial retirement

Partial retirement

Step-by-step into retirement

You have the opportunity to enter retirement in phases between the ages of 58 and 70. Semi-retirement occurs in up to three steps, whereby you must reduce your work load and salary in each partial step by at least 20%. There must be at least a year between each individual step.

This is how you proceed as an employee

Please inform your employer about your partial retirement so that they can inform us.

We will receive a corresponding form from your employer. As soon as we have it, we will send you all further information directly by mail.


Please note that you can't increase your remaining degree of employment again in the case of partial retirement.
Since cantonal tax authorities impose higher minimum stages in specific cases (e.g. Kanton Zurich imposes a minimum stage of 30%), we recommend that you consult your tax authority.

Furthermore, you can withdraw capital from your retirement assets in a maximum of two of the three possible retirement phases.

It is no longer possible to purchase benefits in the pension fund once you have taken semi-retirement. An exception is re-purchases in the case of divorce.

Retirement planning advice

Would you like comprehensive advice on retirement planning? Contact your nearest retirement planning advisor or give us a call: 0800 80 80 80.


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