Reporting your retirement

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Issues related to retirement

Reporting your retirement

Get information about the various retirement options and how to proceed with the desired form. In addition, learn more about your entitlement to obtain retirement assets as a pension or capital.

Early retirement

You would like to take early retirement.  Here you can learn what to do and how you can finance this.

Partial retirement

You have the opportunity to enter retirement in phases between the ages of 58 and 70. You can learn more about this here.

Standard retirement

You are retiring at 64 or 65 years of age. Find out here what has to be done for a standard retirement.

Deferred retirement

You remain employed after reaching the standard retirement age. Here you can learn what to do if you retire later than planned by the legislator.


Learn some interesting facts and a few tips and tricks in connection with the occupational retirement provision.

Supplementary solutions from Zurich

Thanks to our partnership with Zurich, we can offer you the following additional products in order to cover you optimally.

Asset management

Put your money in the hands of professionals. Zurich identifies investment opportunities that meet your needs for security and returns.

Fund-based payments

Zurich Invest Payment Plan: Additional income and attractive return potential.