Report salary

Report salary

Your annual reported salary

As an employer, you are obliged to report your employees' estimated annual salary to us at the beginning of the year. This ensures that the premiums and insured benefits are billed correctly and transparently.

This is how you proceed as an employer

  1. The easiest method is to register a new employee via our online employee pension plan.
  2. We will send you the salary reporting list in November of the prior year. Enter your employees' estimated salary for the following year. Please always fill in the list completely, even if the salary has not changed.
  3. Send the completed and signed salary reporting list to:

    Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
    Help Point BVG
    P.O. Box
    8085 Zurich

Please note

Should the salary of one of your employees change due to a raise or a change in degree of employment, we will deduct the new premium from you at the time of the change and the employee will receive a new pension certificate. It is important that you notify us of salary changes during the year as soon as possible so that the new premiums and benefits are promptly recorded. You can obtain more information in relation to this on the page Change salary.


Online employee pension plan

for employers

  • Manage your employees' contracts and pension data
  • Plan your liquidity on a basis of a daily updated balance
  • Calculate comfortably the contribution for new employees online

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