Vita Collective Foundation

Vita Collective Foundation at a glance

Key data in brief

The Vita Collective Foundation was founded in 2003 as a semi-autonomous foundation. With 22,000 affiliated companies from all sectors, it is the largest collective foundation under the umbrella of «Vita - occupational retirement provision». With Vita Classic we offer sustainable solutions in occupational pension provision that can be flexibly adapted to the respective needs.

Coverage ratio & performance

Assets in CHF billion
Coverage ratio
Investment Performance

Annual key indicators

Key indicators as at 31.12. 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Number of affiliated employers 22,927 22,583 21,828 20,897 20,554
Number of active members 138,654 141,385 129,470 125,282 121,373
Number of pensioners on own balance sheet 5,013 4,010 2,912 1,732 931
Total assets in CHF million 17,173 16,247 13,787 12,971.5 11,828.8
Pension capital – active insured in CHF million 12,331.3 12,312.8 11,011.9 10,186.4 9,673.9
Pension capital – pensioners in CHF million 2,157.0 1,772.2 1,281.9 709.0 363.5
Underwriting reserves in CHF million 794.5 818.9 714.7 751.1 555.9
Value fluctuation reserve – actual figures in CHF million 917.0 645.6 0.0 671.6 466.8
Value fluctuation reserve – target figure for pension obligations 6% 6% 6% 6% 6%
Coverage ratio I (Art. 44 Abs. 2 BVV2) 107.9% 104.3% 100.0% 106.2% 104.4%
Coverage ratio II 108.5% 105.2% 101.9% 108.3% 107.5%
Average age of active insured 42.1 42.0 42.0 41.6 41.5

Foundation Board

Employers’ representatives

Dr. Marcel Oertig
Silvia Rose
Silvia Rose
Peter Philipp
Claudia Zollinger
Claudia Zollinger

Employee representatives

Petra Arnold Schlüssel
Petra Arnold Schlüssel
Vice President
Tanja Siegenthaler
Maja Lütschg
Maja Lütschg
Daniel Gianelli
Daniel Gianelli

Investment Commission

Michael Christen (Präsident)
Petra Arnold Schlüssel 
Michael Biber
Dr. Florian Herzog
Markus Leuthard 

Business Development Committee

Peter Philipp (Präsident)
Joe Bättig
Toni Di Menna
Dr. Marcel Oertig
Adrian Schmid 

Audit Committee

Maja Lütschg (Präsidentin)
Mónica Lamas
Peter J. Müller 

Secretary of the Foundation Board

Mónica Lamas

Pension actuary

Peter Gubser, Beratungsgesellschaft für die zweite Säule AG

Audit department

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Basel

Supervisory body

BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht des Kantons Zürich (BVS)

Executive Management

The Executive Management of the Vita Collective Foundation has been delegated to SST Vita Dienstleistungs AG – a management company whose processes and controls are certified according to the ISAE-3000 standard. As a result, the Vita Collective Foundation is one of the pioneers of responsible corporate governance for occupational retirement provisions. 

SST Vita Dienstleistungs AG

Management Board

Dr. Nicolas Schneider (CEO)

Dr. Werner Wüthrich (Managing Director, Vita Collective Foundation)

Mónica Lamas (Head Legal & Compliance)

Markus Leuthard (Head Investment)

Toni Di Menna (Head Business Development)

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