Pension certificate

Pension certificate

Your pension certificate – explained simply

Your pension certificate contains all the relevant information about your occupational retirement provision. It shows you what benefits you and your family are expected to receive on retirement, in case of disability and in the event of death. It also provides information on whether you have purchasing potential and how high this is.

The pension certificate is full of technical terms. Here we provide a guide explaining key terms and comprehensive information available for download.

Your pension certificate – explained simply

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Purchase in the pension fund

You can make up missing BVG contribution years through voluntary purchases in the pension fund. This way, you can improve your retirement pension and reduce your tax burden at the same time.

Key technical terms

Insured annual salary

Your registered annual salary generally corresponds to your AHV annual salary (gross salary). Depending on which pension plan you have, this is limited in terms of the amount concerned and there is a so-called coordination deduction. This is how the insured annual salary is calculated. The BVG annual salary is part of the insured salary. In accordance with the BVG, it is insured through «mandatory» coverage. The maximum AHV amount is . The difference between the insured annual salary and the BVG annual salary is insured through «supermandatory» coverage.

Savings capital

Here you can see how high your retirement savings capital was up to the end of last year, and how high your savings will be by the end of the current year. This amount includes the reported interest earned. The annual retirement credit is the amount you will be saving this year.

Projected retirement capital

This is the amount you are likely to receive upon reaching regular retirement age. The actual amount is calculated in accordance with your employer’s pension plan and on the basis of your annual salary insured today. The interest rate stated is an assumption as to what interest your capital will earn in future years. The retirement capital is generally paid out in the form of a pension. Alternatively, you can however apply for a one-off capital payment or partial capital payment prior to the due date of the first pension payment.

Projected retirement benefits prior to final age

Should you wish to retire early, your retirement capital and pension decrease as indicated. The amount depends on the retirement capital saved up to the point in time of your early retirement and on the conversion rate concerned.

Risk benefits in the event of death

In the event of your death prior to retirement, your family is entitled to payment of an annual pension in the amount stated here. In the case of Vita, partners of either the opposite or same gender are also entitled to a partner pension. An orphans’ pension will be paid, for example, if ou have children of an eligible age (either until they reach 18, or until 25 if they are still in education). The precise terms are set out in the pension regulation.

Risk benefits in the event of total inability to work

Should you become fully disabled due to an illness, you and/or your eligible children are entitled to payment of an annual pension in the amount stated. The pension is paid after a set waiting period. Full disability exists from a degree of disability of at least 70%. In the case of a degree of disability of 60% to 69%, three quarters of the pension is paid, and in the case of a degree of disability of less than 60%, the benefits are paid according to the degree of disability. When the degree of disability is less than 25%, no pension is paid.

Annual savings contribution

The savings contribution is derived from the sum of the payments into the plan minus the cost of the risk insurance (disability, death) and the annual supplementary BVG costs. It is credited to your retirement assets annually.

Annual employee’s and employer’s contribution

Here you can see the split between the annual contribution you pay yourself and that paid by your employer.

Benefits upon termination of employment

If you change jobs, the amount stated here, the so-called benefits upon termination of employment, are transferred to your new employer’s pension plan. It is calculated as of the point in time of your departure. In the event that you do not have a new employer, the amount is transferred to a vested benefit account.

Purchasable amount

You can improve your savings capital or your retirement pension by making voluntary payments into the so-called pillar 2 plan. The amount stated here equates to your contribution gap and hence your maximum possible purchase amount. You can make additional purchases in excess of this amount towards an early retirement. Here you can see the corresponding purchase amount which depends on the point in time of the desired early retirement. In the event of a subsequent forgoing of early retirement, these additional purchases may be forfeited, in whole or in part. The tax deduction entitlement is based on Swiss federal and cantonal law. You can find further information on the subject of purchases under Pension fund purchases.

Advancement of home ownership

This section indicates whether you have made a pledge or a capital withdrawal for home ownership support. If you wish to acquire home ownership, you can use or pledge your retirement capital or a part thereof for funding purposes. The Help Point BVG would be pleased to let you know the possible amount concerned.

This is how you proceed as an employer

You can order a pension certificate for your employees from our Help Point BVG at any time by calling 0800 80 80 80.

Please note

We send the pension certificate either straight to the employee's private address – if we have it – or to the employer's address in a sealed envelope. In the latter case, you are asked to pass on the unopened envelope to your employee. We aim to record all private addresses of our roughly 150,000 insured individuals and to adjust our systems so that all pension certificates are sent straight to the private addresses of the insured.

This is how you proceed as an employee

You want a new pension certificate or have questions about your pension certificate? Our Help Point BVG will be happy to help you on 0800 80 80 80.

Please note 

The benefits depend on the pension planning solution that your employer has chosen (e.g. Vita Classic). You can find further information on the benefits from your pension planning solution in the pension regulation for your pension planning solution or your employer's specific pension plan. You can request the pension plan from your employer.

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