Purchase calculator

Five-franc coin

Purchase calculator

Save taxes and plug pension gaps

You can make up missing contribution years through voluntary purchases in the pension fund.

Stacked coins increase
  • Attractive interest income on the extra-mandatory pension assets
  • Compound interest effect
  • Increase in retirement assets and pension due

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The purchase process varies depending on the pension plan concerned. Please note the following information on your pension plan.

Vita Classic, Vita Plus

  1. Check how high your current purchase potential is. Your purchase potential is stated on your pension certificate.
  2. Complete the relevant form for your pension plan in full:

    Purchase into Vita Classic pension plan
    Purchase into Vita Plus pension plan
  3. Transfer the desired purchase amount to us via payment form.
  4. Send us the fully completed purchase form by no later than December 7 of the current year so that we can issue you with a tax certificate for the current year.

    Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
    Help Point BVG
    P.O. Box
    8085 Zurich

Vita Invest, Vita Select

Please contact us by phone:
Vita Invest: 044 628 43 43 
Vita Select: 044 628 46 46 

We would be happy to inform you about the process and send you your personal insurance certificate.

Terms of use

The model calculations of the pension check are based on the parameters stated by you, on the one hand, and on assumptions and guideline values, on the other. Parameters not taken into account by our model can change the result. All details are without guarantee.

The details provided by you are used exclusively via the calculator applications for the execution of the calculation of this pension check. They are neither saved nor used for other purposes. The legal terms and data protection advisories apply of www.vita.ch.

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