2021 05 21 Sotomo-Umfrage

The Vita Collective Foundation has become a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF). After signing the Principles for Responsible Investment of the United Nations (UN PRI) at the end of 2020, this is the second membership in the field of sustainability. By signing on, the Collective Foundation underlined that sustainability criteria play a key role in its investment process.

The Vita Collective Foundation is now a member of various sustainability initiatives. At the end of 2020, it signed the six Principles for Responsible Investment of the United Nations (UN PRI) and as a result is a member of a global financial initiative of over 3,000 investors, asset managers and financial service providers. As part of the initiative, the Vita Collective Foundation commits itself to integrating so-called ESG aspects (environment, social and corporate governance) in its investment decisions. In addition, the Vita Collective Foundation is now a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF). SSF has set itself the goal of positioning Switzerland as a global market for sustainable finance.

Impact-oriented investments pay off

As an active and responsible investor, the Vita Collective Foundation pursues a holistic and positive sustainability approach. It takes ESG criteria into account in all investment decisions and makes impact-oriented investment decisions in companies and projects with a positive ESG impact. This also includes investments in old age and generation apartments, with the Collective Foundation continually expanding this portfolio. The Vita Collective Foundation only recently invested CHF 100 million in nine multi-family buildings with a total of 121 apartments. Vita Collective Foundation has set itself the objective of continuously and sustainably lowering the CO2 emissions of its real estate investments. Since 2010, it has been able to reduce its CO2 emissions by 24% and as a result exceeded the goals set by 4%.

Moreover, the Vita Collective Foundation carries on an active dialogue with its asset managers, who have all signed the UN principles and observes its shareholder rights. With its sustainable investment strategy, the Vita Collective Foundation has made a positive contribution to the environment and society with the funds managed by it.