Repayment of early withdrawal

Repayment of early withdrawal

You want to repay withdrawn pension assets used for the promotion of home ownership

You can repay the early withdrawal at any time until you retire or until the occurrence of an insured event (disability, death) or the cash payout of the vested benefits. A repayment will benefit your retirement pension, since early withdrawal creates a gap in your funding. The amount of your total purchase potential, and whether you have made the early withdrawal with us or with another pension scheme, is irrelevant for repayment.

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How to proceed

Simply deposit the desired amount by means of a payment slip. If you are insured with Vita Invest or Vita Select, please call your employer directly to request the particular payment slip for the pension fund, or call us at 0800 80 80 80.

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Next steps

Once we receive your repayment, we will credit the amount to your pension savings. If you have repaid the entire amount, we will have the Land Registry Office delete the sales restriction.

Please note

You must deposit at least CHF 10,000.00 per repayment. On request, taxes paid at the time of the early withdrawal will be returned (without interest). Vita will certify the repayment of the early withdrawal.

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Purchase in the pension fund

You can make up missing BVG contribution years through voluntary purchases in the pension fund. This way, you can improve your retirement pension and reduce your tax burden at the same time.

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