Pledging of pension fund assets

Pledging of pension fund assets

You want to use pension fund assets as a security for the bank

While an early withdrawal will decrease your pension savings and thus your benefits, with a pledge no capital flows out of your retirement pension. You won't forgo any interest income, and your benefits won't change. Pledging merely serves as additional security for your bank. There would only be a reduction of your retirement savings capital with a corresponding loss of benefits if your bank should realize the pledge.

Information sheet on financing home ownership with pension fund assets

How to proceed

  1. If you are interested in making a pledge, your pension plan is obliged to show you how your benefits would change if that pledge were realized. In order to give you an overview, we need the following information:
    Your current address
    The amount that you want to pledge
    The exact date on which you want to pledge the amount
    You can provide us with this information by phone at 0800 80 80 80.
  2. Once you have decided on a pledge, you must submit a written "application" and submit it along with the required documents. Which supporting documents are required depends on your specific plan. The "check list" of the necessary supporting documents gives you more precise information.

    Request to pledge pension fund assets for the encouragement of home ownership
    Pledge check list

  3. Please send the completed documents to:

    Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
    Help Point BVG
    P.O. Box
    8085 Zurich

Next steps

Once we have received your application and all required supporting documents, we will review your application and send you an overview showing your benefits before and after the possible realization of the pledge.

Please note

  • You can only use pension fund assets for the financing of an apartment or a single-family home that you will inhabit yourself.
  • An early withdrawal is only possible up to three years before normal retirement age.
  • The encouragement of home ownership abroad is possible provided that the home is occupied by oneself and that it is the primary residence.
  • If you are over 50 years of age you may only pledge a maximum 50% of your current pension savings or the exact amount of your pension savings as of your 50th birthday.


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