Solutions from Zurich

Solutions from Zurich

Optimize your private coverage and pension provision

Via your employer, you are covered under the occupational retirement provision of the Vita Joint Foundations and Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd. Benefit from this partnership and conclude various Zurich insurance and investment solutions at preferential conditions.

Your benefits

  • 10% discount on insurance for cars / motorcycles, household contents / buildings, personal liability, and personal and traffic legal protection insurance
  • 10% discount on construction insurance (builder’s risk insurance and principal’s liability insurance)
  • Over 10% discount for asset management solutions
  • 50% discount on the first annual premium for risk life insurance
  • CHF 200 purchase voucher upon conclusion of savings life insurance

Retirement provision

Vested Benefits Account

Protect your saved pension capital and benefit from return opportunities.

Asset management

Put your money in the hands of professionals. Zurich identifies investment opportunities that meet your needs for security and returns.

Retirement account 3a

Tax-privileged investment of your assets. You yourself determine the level of payments and the investment category.

Investment fund

Choose between attractive investment funds for the structured and flexible development of your assets.

The flexible payment plan

After retirement, benefit in your payment plan from additional regular income.

Zurich advisor

Pension advice – look into the future with confidence

Get advice from our partner Zurich, to fill any gaps in your pension provision. Using a pension analysis, you will gain some clarity about the benefits of the OASI, your pension fund and the money available in your private pension.

Risk provision

Disability insurance

Protect your income in the event of disability, for example, as a result of illness or accident.

Life insurance

Receive guaranteed savings capital and exploit additional attractive return opportunities – thanks to leverage certificate.

Risk life insurance

Protect your family, partner or business partner against financial shortfalls in the event of your death.