Pension check

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Pension check

Situation in retirement and in the case of risk prior to retirement

Terms of use

The model calculations of the pension check are based on the parameters stated by you, on the one hand, and on assumptions and guideline values, on the other. Parameters not taken into account by our model can change the result. All details are without guarantee.

The details provided by you are used exclusively via the calculator applications for the execution of the calculation of this pension check. They are neither saved nor used for other purposes. The legal terms and data protection advisories apply of

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Knowledge – Pension from a different perspective

Learn some interesting facts and a few tips and tricks in connection with the occupational retirement provision.

Improving pension provision

You wish to improve your pension provision additionally.

Purchase of pension fund benefits

Any pension shortfall can be closed with a pension fund purchase.

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Understand the details of your insurance when you retire as well as in the event of disability and death due to illness. With the pension check from Vita, you can analyze your personal situation and discover areas requiring attention.

Misfortunes can affect all of us. In such difficult situations, financial security is a cornerstone. You should, therefore, make the necessary provisions at an early stage and identify your financial needs with the pension check from Vita.