Sustainable investments


Sustainable investments – holistically implemented

As a large Swiss collective foundation, the Vita Collective Foundation is actively committed to sustainability: holistically and comprehensively.

The three pillars of our sustainability management

In the field of sustainability, we are currently focusing on three areas of activity. We are actively involved as a shareholder, making impact-oriented investments in sustainable decarbonization.
Active shareholders Impact-oriented investments Sustainable Decarbonization

In brief

votes at shareholders’ meetings
million CHF investment in senior housing
CO2-emissions real estate Switzerland

How we invest sustainably

  • We regularly check the adherence to ESG criteria in the investment process
  • We actively exercise the shareholder voting rights
  • We engage in direct dialog with the companies
  • We are reducing CO2-emissions for real estate and shares
  • We conduct an active sustainability dialog with our wealth managers
  • We invest in impact-oriented projects such as “senior housing” and green bonds