Find out what makes the Vita model so successful.

For today. For tomorrow. Make retirement provisions for the next generation in your company.

Pension planning solutions from Vita have a future. They are clear, perform well and are sustainable. With us, you have a trustworthy partner by your side – we are happy to assist you.

Occupational retirement provision – secure the future three times over

Zwei Mitarbeitende

For my employees

Make yourself a more attractive employer with a comprehensive pension planning solution. This way your successor will also be able to count on motivated employees.

For my company

Simplify your personnel administration with our occupational retirement provision solutions. This way you have more time to organize your succession plans and lead your company into a successful future.

For me

Secure your future with a well thought out occupational retirement provision solution. This way you can make a relaxed start to the third phase of your life as you hand over the reins to your business.

Our pension planning solutions

Vita Classic

For companies that attach importance to earning attractive interest through their pension plan.

  • Stable returns thanks to a proven and broadly diversified investment strategy
  • Clear participation of policyholders in the investment success
  • Fair distribution of investment income
  • Interest rate reserve for weak investment years
  • Base interest rate and possible additional interest known in advance

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Vita Invest

For companies that want to participate in pension investment decisions.

  • Flexible, individual structuring of your occupational pension plan
  • You determine your own investment strategy, funding, reserve policies, interest, pension plan and conversion rate
  • Separate balance sheet and coverage ratio for each membership
  • Solid, customer-focused partner

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Vita Select

For companies that wish to allow their senior staff to determine their investment strategy themselves.

  • Gives employees a choice of investment strategy
  • Possible for employees to select their savings contributions
  • Top performance in investment groups
  • Lump-sum premium rate allows easy administration (online quotes)

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Vita Plus

For companies that would like to better insure senior staff.

  • Attractive supplementary provision for companies of all sizes
  • Attractive interest of 0.50% plus any interest surplus in super-mandatory savings (as of 2019, set annually)
  • Pure risk insurance possible at favorable collective tariff
  • Own decision-making body for senior staff’s pension provision

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Good reasons to choose Vita

Vita – occupational pension provision plans for companies from the Vita Joint Foundations and Zurich Insurance.
  • Sustainability: With our proven investment strategy we generate stable returns on a long-term basis.
  • Trust: More than 25,000 companies with around 200,000 employees place their trust in our experience.
  • Claim: We make occupational retirement provision extremely simple, understandable and secure.
  • Experience: The Vita Joint Foundation has relied on the partially autonomous model since 2003, and is, as such, a pioneer on the market.

Our services

Retirement provision – completely personal

Only the best solution is good enough, compromises won't cut it. Review your personal retirement provision situation in just three steps.

Knowledge – well informed

Here you will receive valuable information so that you can make the right decisions regarding occupational retirement provision for your staff.

vita mobil

Vita Mobil – we come to you

Create trust and inform your employees about the Swiss pension system. We are happy to support you and will come to your company in person.

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