Why does Vita offer four different retirement provision solutions?

Why does Vita offer four different retirement provision solutions?

The fact that we offer four different retirement provision solutions is due to the different needs of our customers. Which of the four products fits best for your company depends, among other things, on the structure of your workforce, the risk tolerance and desired degree of self-determination.

  • Vita Classic, our most used offer, provides companies of all sizes and structures with a flexible, needs-based and comprehensive retirement provision solution. Assets are invested in a broadly diversified, sustainable and efficient manner. The investment income, including any additional income, is distributed automatically and fairly to the insured. You can adjust the amount of risk benefits and savings credits to the current situation of your company at any time.
  • With Vita Invest, the pension assets of the affiliated company are invested at all times in line with its structure and strength; what's more, each company receives its own balance sheet and income statement. This prevents a redistribution from the actively insured to the pensioners, so your employees benefit in full from the capital generated. During retirement, the capital is invested in a balanced manner, and the returns are paid out as a bonus pension in addition to the fixed pension. Vita Invest is suitable for both basic provision and as a supplement as part of specific, supplementary retirement provision.
  • Vita Plus is a supplement to mandatory retirement provision that allows you to insure death and invalidity as well as retirement savings capital with a full capital guarantee. Vita Plus is a good idea if you want to offer your management employees an additional incentive.
  • With Vita Select, the insured determine the investment strategy and the amount of the individual savings contributions themselves, both of which they can adjust to their life situation independently. Vita Select is the right choice if you want to offer your management employees more attractive conditions and more self-determination with regard to their retirement provision.
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