Replacement candidate election 2019

Replacement candidate election 2019

Employee representatives

With the election of Karin Jans (Quantica Capital AG) and Petra Arnold Schlüssel (GlobalBroker AG) as employee representatives, the foundation board of the Vita Joint Foundation is now at full strength.

Replacement candidate elections 2019 of the Vita Joint Foundation

As a result of changes on the foundation board, the Vita Joint Foundation has carried out a replacement candidate election for employee representatives. The employee administration committee members with voting rights of the affiliated companies finally elected nine replacement candidates. The right to vote was exercised from February 15 to April 19, 2019. From the group of those elected, Karin Jans (Quantica Capital AG) and Petra Arnold Schlüssel (GlobalBroker AG) will succeed to the foundation board as employee representatives. The newly elected foundation board members will take office in June 1, 2019.

The acting members of the foundation board and the Chairman of the Vita Joint Foundation would like to sincerely congratulate Karin Jans and Petra Arnold Schlüssel on their nomination to the foundation board and wish them both a successful period in office.

As the highest body, the foundation board determines the strategic objectives and principles, ensures financial stability and supervises the executive. It is re-elected by the administration committee members of the affiliated companies every four years. There will be general elections at the end of the term of office in 2021.

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