The Vita Joint Foundation: 2017 Annual Report

The Vita Joint Foundation: 2017 Annual Report

The Vita Joint Foundation, Switzerland’s largest semi-autonomous foundation, experienced continued growth in 2017. The number of affiliated companies rose from 20,554 to 21,136, and the total assets it manages increased to CHF 13.3bn. This positive development confirms the success of the Vita model.

As first insurance company, the Zurich and the Vita Joint Foundation implemented already in 2003 semi-autonomous pension planning solutions: the Vita model. The semi-autonomous model enables better interest due to greater flexibility in the investments, and thereby higher retirement savings, which allows policyholders to look to the future without any cares.

Good investment performance

With an annual performance of 6.76% (2016: 3.75%) on capital investments, the Vita Joint Foundation attained good results in 2017. The driving force behind these results were the equity positions, which increased by 21.24% and added 5.3% to annual earnings. There were also positive contributions from all other major investment categories. Due to good investment returns and the Vita Classic pension model, policyholders were able to attain above-average overall interest returns in 2017 as well as in the current fiscal year of 2018.

Maximum interest for compulsory BVG: 2.4%,
Maximum interest for voluntary BVG: 3.15%.
(Amount of interest credit depends on the time of affiliation).

Most important key figures in 2017

Affiliated employers
Active members 
Assets (in millions CHF) 
Interest from investment assets
Coverage rate (Art. 44 Para. 2 BVV 2)


Annual Report 2017

The Vita Joint Foundation will not send a short version of the annual report to affiliates this year. The entire annual report is available in digital form.